Open the doors of Castel Braz

Open the doors of Castel Braz

A stay at Castel Braz is an opportunity to meet people, exchange ideas and sometimes even debate! In a family atmosphere, the comfort of the house and the hospitality of its owners make it a moment apart, as if you were at home.

Also known as the Grand Château, Castel Braz is an elegant house built at the end of the 19th century.

Meticulously restored, its architecture, imposing, striking façade and charming rooms are in keeping with the style of exceptional houses. The décor is a striking blend of the old and the new.

The ornamental garden, enclosed by stone walls, and its terrace are an invitation to relax and awaken the senses.

The dining room

Welcome to the dining room of the house! This is where breakfast is shared around a large table and a well-stocked buffet. It’s a great time to meet up and chat, in a family atmosphere, just like at home!

Snuggled up by the fire in winter or cosy up in the cool of the house in summer, you’ll find snacks and drinks to enhance your stay from the moment you arrive.

It’s also here that you can unfold maps and charts of the region to study and prepare excursions and curiosities to discover, or to find out about the best addresses and favourites of the house.

A library of travel, cookery and gardening books and board games are also available.

A majestic staircase leads to the bedrooms on the upper floors. Each landing has its own entertainment options, with comic books, board games and the house’s own toy creations on display.

The garden

Lounging or having breakfast in the ornamental garden surrounded by stone walls… it’s like being in a bubble, sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city and the tourists.

A veritable ornamental garden, the courtyard has been skilfully landscaped to create a haven of peace and to suspend time. Whether you’re sitting under an arbour, on a deckchair or simply at the table, having breakfast or a snack, the courtyard is an inviting place to relax and forget about the clock.

The flowers here are abundant and cheeky, and the luxuriant vegetation reflects the region’s climate.

If you’re a plant lover, you’re in for a treat!


Stéphanie and Jean Philippe, lovers of Brittany

Stéphanie and Jean Philippe, lovers of Brittany

Stéphanie and Jean Philippe, lovers of Brittany

They decided to set up a bed and breakfast business to share their love of this rich, gourmet region and this fabulous, comfortable house, but also to meet new people.

Stéphanie will be delighted to share her passion for the region with you.

La boutique des jouets d’autrebois – a passion for toys that move!

Stéphanie creates collectable wooden toys that are sure to bring back Proust’s madeleine for the old and stimulate the imagination of the young. And when the toy is animated, it takes you on a magical journey!

How to find us

Maison Castel Braz – 12 rue du bois d’Amour – 29930 PONT AVEN

  • By car
    From Quimper or Lorient, the N165 motorway leads to Pont Aven via exit 48.
    In the centre of the town, rue du bois d’amour runs from the corner of the pharmacy to the bridge over the old railway line.

  • By train
    The TGV serves Lorient, Quimperlé, Rosporden and Quimper.

  • By train
    The nearest airports are Lorient, Brest and Nantes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours respectively from Pont Aven.

  • On foot
    Follow the GR 34 and you’ll come across the house for a cosy, welcoming stopover.

  • By bike
    The Voie 5 Bretagne cycle route, also known as La Littorale, offers a stopover in Pont Aven.

Discover our bedrooms

Majestic, cosy cocoons with high ceilings, 4 bright, spacious rooms welcome you. Whether you’re a couple, a group of friends, a family or a solo traveller, our rooms are sure to meet your every need.

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