Jouet d'Autrebois - Massues


A passion
for old-fashioned toys
that move!

A passion for old-fashioned toys – that move!

When Castel Braz goes to sleep, Stéphanie returns to her workshop to play and let her imagination run wild. Her collection of wooden toys is sure to bring back memories for the old ones and stimulate the imagination of the young ones.

Awaken your childlike spirit

By pressing 2 pieces of wood, cranking a handle or pulling a string, the unexpected happens.
The toy moves and dictates what happens next, stimulating our inner child.

Discover the latest collection!

Autrebois toys are on display at Castel Braz, and at the La part des anges wine cellar in Pont Aven.


A collection of unique creations

A collection of unique creations

From misappropriated objects to rediscovered toys, the collection embraces wooden toys with a hidden purpose.

Made from local or reclaimed wood, they are designed using the simple, rustic techniques of the DIY grandfathers of yesterday.

Fun and entertaining, they are also capable of resurrecting a story, the story of a childhood.

Wooden toys, between tradition and modernity

Wooden toys have endured through the ages and continue their great adventure, inviting us to imagine freely and to keep things simple. They have travelled the world, humbly defying the laws of technology and taking on the memories, traditions and customs of society.

The magic of childhood

Turn a crank, press two pieces of wood… and the toy starts moving! The act of playing takes on a new dimension that escapes the player and embraces the soul of the toy.

Our latest creations

New wooden toys come out of our workshop regularly. Here is an overview of our latest creations: